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2 Mar 2013

Jola-Mitha Bogori Asaar

Hot n Sweet Jujube Pickle

  • Jujube (Sun dried) – 250 gms
  • Paas Phuron (Roasted and powdered) – Half cup
  • Sugar – 5 tbsp (or to taste)
  • Salt – 2 tsp (or to taste)
  • Chilli Powder and Mustard Oil
  • Heat mustard oil
  • Bring the heat to low
  • Add the jujubes after a minute or so
  • Add Sugar and Salt and mix well
  • Stir occasionally and when the sugar melts completely add the paas phuron and chilli powder, mix well again and turn the heat off
  •  Store in airtight containers when it cools down 


  1. This is looking gorgeous and yummy tasty. I heard the name for the first time but sure that it will give immense pleasure at sweet dish. I am habitual with Indian Recipes and art of cooking.

  2. Hi,

    While seraching for some dish I got redirected to your Blog. I found this really interesting and would be a regular visitor here after.I have been to Skkim, Meghalaya, Assam the places are really beautiful and weather is also good. I have spent quiet a good number of holidays in these places. In Guwhati I have visited many families and have tasted the food, but never got anything that is typically from this place. Your blog is good and has many recipes that belongs to this place. Good work ..keep it up.

    Sometimes, do visit my blog too.


    1. Thanks very much Sharmistha..