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18 Dec 2011

Lai Xaakor logot Gahori (Version 1)

Pork with Mustard Green*

*Mustard Green's scientific name is Brassica juncea


Pork (Meat-Lard: 50:50 proportion))-500 gms
Lai Xaak-3 mutha (3 bunches)
Tomato-1 large
Onion-1 large
Garlic-1 whole (big)
Dry chillies-15 nos
Mustard oil-2 teaspoons
Salt-To taste


Make a paste of tomato, garlic and dry chillies, keep aside
Heat oil in a pressure cooker
Cut and add the onion, fry for a minute
Add the pork, fry for a minute
Add the paste of tomato, garlic, chillies and salt, mix
Add lai xaak, mix and fry for a minute
Cover the lid and cook for 4-5 whistles
Serve with Rice

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