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25 Dec 2011

Xoriyohor logot Jolokiar Asar

Chilly Pickle with Mustard Seeds (Thanks to my friend Nandini Raybaruah for the recipe idea)

  • Make a paste of mustard seeds and some garlic pods with white vinegar, keep aside
  • Wash the chillies, dry completely and cut to small pieces
  • Heat mustard oil and add some paas-phooron
  • When the paas-phooron stops spluttering, turn off the heat
  • When the oil becomes cool, add the chilly pieces and mix thoroghly
  • Add the mustard seed-garlic paste, some dried & grated ginger, salt and mix again
  • Add some more mustard oil if it looks too dry
  • Use the pickle after 2-3 days

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