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17 Dec 2011

Bhedai lotar logot Xingi maasor anja

Stinging Catfish with Paederia foetida

Bhedai lota is also known as PADURI LOTA.. :P


Stinging Catfish (Xingi maas)- 250 grams
Paederia foetida (Bhedai lota*) leaves- 100-125
Garlic- 10 pods
Tomato- 1
Potato- 1 (Cut into small cubes)
Mustard Oil, Turmeric Powder and Salt


Wash the Paederia foetida leaves and make a paste (Use a mixer/grinder/juicer)
Squeeze the paste with hand and keep the juice in a container
Marinate the Fish pieces with Turmeric powder and salt for 10-15 minutes and shallow fry them in Mustard Oil, keep aside
Mash the Garlic pods and add to the same Oil, fry
Add salt and a little Turmeric powder, mix
Add the Potato cubes and Tomato, mix well and fry for 3-4 minutes
Add the Paederia foetida juice and cover with a lid
When the juice starts to boil add the fish pieces and cook on low flame until done
Serve with warm Rice..

*Bhedai lota is known as Gandhabhadule or Gandal in Bengali

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